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Plastic injection mold design checklist

Plastic injection mold design checklist

BOM/drawing for plastic injection mold design

  • Are the correct materials being shown on injection mold drawing?
  • Have all components been identified on the planned view with detailed numbers?
  • Eye bolt holes are installed according to engineering prints to ensure safety of handling and are properly threads?
  • Is BOM completed with Material, component description, HRC and steel type?
  • Are the tie bars for the press shown on injection mold drawings?
  • Is the Injection Mold Size (LxWxH) indicated on the plastic injection mold drawing?

 Design / part specification for plastic injection mold design

  • Rockwell hardness in C scale for each component identified in the text box on injection mold print.
  • Is plastic material verified with part drawing?
  • Is the shrink factor correct and verified?
  • Does the injection mold conform to SEASKY PLASTIC TOOLING Guide Lines?
  • Is there a minimum of 2-4 HRC points between movable components of injection mold?
  • Does the surface finish specified satisfy plastic part molding requirements?
  • Has the injection mold design been checked for mold function?
  • Is the injection mold designed for easy assembly and disassembly?

Plastic injection mold components inspection

  • Is the locating ring shown as per customer injection machine specification?
  • Are the sprue “R” and orifice dimensions shown on the plastic injection mold drawing?
  • Are support pillar locations shown on the injection mold drawings?
  • Do the leader pins bushings have vent relief milled into the mold base?
  • Is the shot counter location shown on the drawing if required?
  • Have standard purchased items such as hose fittings and electrical connectors been specified on the parts list?
  • Does mold drawing have parting line locks such as side lock or taper lock?

Plastic injection mold mark and guide system inspection

Plastic injection mold design-cooling system inspection

Plastic injection mold design-runner and gate system

Plastic injection mold design-ejection system

Plastic injection mold design-molding pressure /mold size

Plastic injection mold design-Venting system

Plastic injection mold design-side action

Plastic injection mold design-cavity ID and markings


  • Have the molding inserts been keyed to prevent rotation where necessary?
  • Is the steel of core and cavity as customers’ specification and suitable for molding the specified resin?

Plastic injection mold design-Mold base

Plastic injection mold design-Hot runner system

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